Several Killed After Military Plane Crashes In Georgia

Several Killed After Military Plane Crashes In Georgia

Several Killed After Military Plane Crashes In Georgia

Another union photo showed debris strewn across the highway, the asphalt a deep black beneath the debris.

Chatham County EMS confirmed that the plane crashed at the intersection of Highway 21 and Crossgate Road.

Bilbo said the crash happened at about 11:30 a.m. ET. Initial reports suggested two people were killed, though that number was updated. "In my opinion, he's a hero", he said, believing the pilot purposely missed the people and cars below. However, a National Guard told the AP that at least five people have died.

Senior Master Sgt. Roger Parsons of the Georgia Air National Guard told reporters the cause of the crash was unknown and authorities were still working to make the crash site safe for investigators. The squadron used the plane to rescue Americans from the British Virgin Islands after Hurricane Irma, and later supplied food and water to Puerto Ricans desperate for help after Hurricane Maria. "Puerto Rico's National Guard has five other similar planes, two of which are not in use because they require maintenance, he said".

President Donald Trump has also tweeted an offer of thoughts and prayers for the victims of the crash. "We heard a boom of the crash and then a louder boom of the explosion", she said.

The names will not be released until the next of kin notification process has been completed within 24 hours.

A Puerto Rican Government source said that none of the personnel apparently survived the plane crash.

It crashed in the immediate vicinity of Savannah Hilton Headquarters International Airport, the US Air Force said in a statement. "It's the most terrifying thing I've seen".

According to Savannah Fire, the Staley Avenue fire was not related to the crash. Moments later, it exploded upon impact, possibly landing on cars.

Scott Cohen posted the footage to Twitter and said: "Prayers go out to the families of all on board the plane that crashed in Garden City today". My stomach is in knots because I know they're people just like me.

"We're going to stress to the local population, this is going to drastically affect your life for an extended period of time", Port Wentworth, Ga., Police Chief Matt Libby said in a Wednesday night news conference.

And in Djibouti, two incidents triggered the grounding of United States military flights.

Blanco says operations will remain on the regular operating schedules.

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