Solai School Dormitory Flooded With Mud From Patel Dam Failure

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Solai School Dormitory Flooded With Mud From Patel Dam Failure

The dead are thought to include children and women trapped in mud.

Volunteers search for survivors in a residential area after the Patel dam burst its bank at Solai, about 40 kilometres north of Nakuru, Kenya, on 10 May 2018. About it reports Sky News.

Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui said on Twitter that another 40 people were reported missing and a decision had been made to discharge water from another nearby dam as a precaution.

More than 260,000 people have also been displaced across Kenya, over 200 schools closed, with the spread of communicable diseases remaining a top concern for officials and humanitarian agencies.

The floodwaters carved out a dark brown chasm in the hillside and swept away everything in their path - powerlines, homes and buildings, including a primary school. "I'm so confused. I hope they are alive", she said.

"We found 11 of the bodies covered with mud at a coffee plantation and these are people who may have been escaping but could not make it due to the force and speed of the water from the flooded dam", a local official, who was not named, told the paper. He was blind so he could not run.

Nakuru East Deputy County Commissioner Omar Salat assured the victims that the government would help them find temporary shelter and provide relief food. She added that his body was found in the morning and that her other neighbors also died.

The 8pm incident brings the national death toll as a result of floods to close to 200 while about 300, 000 others are displaced.

He has not yet commented. "For now, it is an ordinary accident where a dam broke its banks and water flew sweeping families along the path", he said, according to the Kenya Star".

More than 220,000 people have also had their homes destroyed.

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