Trump acknowledges he repaid lawyer for 'Stormy' hush money

Trump acknowledges he repaid lawyer for 'Stormy' hush money

Trump acknowledges he repaid lawyer for 'Stormy' hush money

President Donald Trump is growing increasingly irritated with lawyer Rudy Giuliani's frequently off-message media blitz, which has included muddying the waters on hush money paid to porn actress Stormy Daniels and making claims that could complicate the president's standing in the special counsel's Russian Federation probe. Last week, Trump told the press to give Rudy Giuliani a break after his first round of media appearances as a member of Trump's legal team.

Giuliani said he discussed legal strategy with Trump on Sunday when the duo played golf for "four or five hours", adding that they had a brief discussion on Monday.

Michael Avenatti who represents Daniels claims that she had an intimate relationship with Trump, years before he was elected as the president.

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But a clip from 2000 has resurfaced on social media, to remind everyone that Giuliani's relationship with Trump was once a lot weirder. Reportedly, many West Wing aides think Giuliani, who ran for president in 2008, is using this moment in spotlight to act as a "principle". I remember that great cross examination when the person just repeated the things over and over again the same way.

Giuliani couldn't guarantee that Trump wouldn't end up asserting his constitutional right to refuse to answer any questions that might incriminate him. Incidents that likely would have sunk other politicians, such as the release not long before the 2016 presidential election of the "Access Hollywood" tape in which Trump brags about grabbing women's genitals, didn't bring him down. "Giuliani told everyone Trump had reimbursed Cohen for that payment and Trump knew what it was for".

The White House referred questions to the president's personal legal team. "Nobody is aware of what is going on on, which suggests cheap doubt, so case dismissed". The president then spoke to an assembly of reporters, stating, Giuliani "started yesterday, he'll get his facts straight".

That was exactly what Cohen claimed he did, before his offices were raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and many of his records were seized. Cohen and the Trump campaign might very well face such charges if it can be shown that Cohen made such a payment of his own accord, from his own funds, to keep the damaging information from reaching voters before the 2016 election. "If Trump lies to investigators, he risks prosecution for knowingly making a false statement to federal agents-the same offense to which his former associates Michael Flynn, George Papadopolous, and Rick Gates have already pleaded guilty".

Both Giuliani and Trump have insisted the payment to Daniels was not a campaign expense.

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