Twitter Will Now Hide Mean Tweets From Trolls

Twitter Will Now Hide Mean Tweets From Trolls

Twitter Will Now Hide Mean Tweets From Trolls

Twitter announced Tuesday that it will implement new changes aimed at downplaying the visibility of "trolls" on its platform. You're not going to want to see unrelated tweets or users trying to promote their new SoundCloud mix by latching onto the trending topic.

While these tweets will not be fully removed from the platform, Dorsey shared with Reuters that the goal is to reduce the burden from those that are receiving abuse.

Twitter vice-president of trust and safety, Del Harvey, and director of product management and health, David Gasca, said in a blogpost today (15 May) that the company is building on Dorsey's promise. Examples cited include whether or not a person has confirmed their e-mail address, if someone signs up for multiple accounts at the same time, behavior that could indicate a coordinated attack or accounts that repeatedly tweet or mention accounts that don't follow them.

Here's how it'll work: Twitter is using an array of data to rearrange how users see replies to conversations and search results.

The new system will use behavioral signals to assess whether a Twitter account is adding to - or detracting from - the tenor of conversations.

Twitter said that it now uses policies, human review processes and machine learning to determine how tweets are organised and presented in communal areas such as conversations and search.

Harvey and Gasca said numerous new signals are not visible externally.

To better manage trolls on its platform, Twitter says it's beginning to analyze the unique behavior of individual accounts.

"Because this content doesn't violate our policies, it will remain on Twitter, and will be available if you click on "Show more replies" or choose to see everything in your search setting", it said in a blog post.

Currently, Twitter uses policies, human reviewers and machine learning to decide how tweets are organized and presented in conversations and search.

"Some of these accounts and Tweets violate our policies, and, in those cases, we take action on them", he continued.

Early tests conducted, according to Twitter was very successful as it showed a reduction in the number of abuse reports filed by users.

Additionally, following Facebook's lead, Twitter recently began encouraging a public conversation about its impact on the health of individuals and society at large. That means fewer people are seeing Tweets that disrupt their experience on Twitter. We'll continue to be open and honest about the mistakes we make and the progress we are making.

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