Up to 7 girls could be buried in Michigan woods

Up to 7 girls could be buried in Michigan woods

Up to 7 girls could be buried in Michigan woods

A man serving a life sentence for killing a MI teenager in 1986 bragged to inmates that he murdered at least six other girls, police said Wednesday.

It came after police interviewed a man serving life in prison for the slaying of a 13-year-old girl who disappeared in 1986 and whose remains were found in 2008 near the wooded area targeted for this week's search.

Arthur Ream, a 68-year-old convicted pedophile and the prime suspect in the search for Kimberly King, is considered a person of interest in the disappearances of several girls in MI.

- The digging is still going on in Macomb Township where police say they could find the remains of as many as six girls in the woods.

While staying at her grandparents' home, King had planned to stay overnight with her friend across the street. We certainly are of the opinion we have the suitable place.

Investigators brought in more equipment Tuesday to the wooded area along the North Branch Clinton River near 23 Mile Road and North Avenue.

The search is in the same area where the remains of Cyndi Zarzycki were found after her killer led investigators to the spot. He is serving a life sentence, according to WJBK. "I can't imagine anything else that equals this but in a broader sense, we all have anxious about the Oakland County Child Killer for decades and we had someone else in our midst doing the same thing", Beyma said.

Even after leading police to her remains, Ream denied killing her.

In 2008, Arthur Ream led police to the physique of 13-year-old Cindy Zarzycki within the wooded space.

In a press conference held Wednesday afternoon, officials say the Macomb County area where crews and police have been digging is believed to be a "gravesite" for the bodies of several missing teenage girls. "It's just a sad type of situation", he said. She was last seen in 1979. Numerous reports indicate Ream drew a map for investigators, leading them to Cindy's body, which was buried in the field authorities have been searching this week. Before Ream's conviction in Zarzycki's death, he spent time in prison for the 1974 sex assault of a 15-year-old hitchhiker, he said. Police say they are covering area along the creek in search of at least 4 to 6 bodies that may have been dumped there in relation to a cold case that stretches back roughly 40 years. Authorities mentioned Ream, now 68, tricked her by telling her that he was planning a shock get together for his son.

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