Video Shows Florida Deputy Saving Unresponsive Baby

Video Shows Florida Deputy Saving Unresponsive Baby

Video Shows Florida Deputy Saving Unresponsive Baby

According to the Marion County, Florida Sheriff's Office, Nix performed "life-saving measures" on the child, such as chest compressions. He saved a baby's life, and it was all captured on his dashcam.

The infant's distraught mom Nechole Crowell had her hazard lights on and desperately flagged down Deputy Nix for assist. He was flagged down by a driver, who told him her 3-month-old baby boy, Kingston, was unresponsive and needed help.

Deputy Nix put the baby boy in his patrol auto and rushed to Ocala Regional Medical Center where medical personnel began treating the child.

So off he went with baby Kingston in one hand making his way through traffic until he finally pulled up to the front doors of the hospital.

It posted on YouTube: "Deputy Nix delivered the kid to medical personnel, who then started treating the kid".

"Doctors say he will make a full recovery!"

Doctors credited Nix's quick-thinking actions for saving the baby's life, authorities said.

"We're tremendously pleased with Deputy Nix and we will already see that he and Kingston could have a deep connection that may final a lifetime!"

When the baby wasn't responding, Deputy Nix radioed dispatch to say he was just a half-mile from Ocala Regional Medical Center and couldn't wait for paramedics, so he put the child in his patrol vehicle and rushed him to the hospital.

"It's at all times the unfavorable that makes headlines".

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