Wear OS Gets More Google Assistant Features, Like Smart Suggestions

Wear OS Gets More Google Assistant Features, Like Smart Suggestions

Wear OS Gets More Google Assistant Features, Like Smart Suggestions

So you'll be to say something like "Play ESPN on the Hopper" and your TV will tune to ESPN. Through this feature, users will able to ask Assistant to get directions, play movie trailer on TV, manage shopping lists, find food and drink, play games, set alarms, control auto, make video calls, find stores, check local news and more.

Google has announced that Assistant for Wear OS will soon be updated with new features, including smart suggestions, ability to respond through voice, as well as Actions.

Google further confirmed Assistant works with Nest's Hello doorbell. Flawless for quick interactions when you're on the go! Smart door locks from August and Schlage, and home security cameras from Panasonic will also work with Assistant. With Actions, you can use your voice to control your smart connected devices or ask Bay Trains when the next train is leaving. But at least hundreds of millions more users have access to Google Assistant and Siri through their Android and iOS devices, and to Cortana through machines running Windows, and the jury's still out as to what devices will prove most popular for speaking to smart audio assistants.

Google has a helpful if high-level overview of some of the ways you can use its Assistant at home to control your TV and entertainment devices, your security camera, lights, thermostats, appliances, and more.

The idea behind Things is to provide a unified, one-size-fits-all software option for the developers of constrained devices like smart displays, kiosks and digital signage, among others.

Amazon doesn't offer exact information on the number of devices that support the Alexa assistant, so it's hard to truly compare which platform is making the most progress. We're likely going to hear about more devices getting compatibility at Google's upcoming I/O event. The EPICKA Mini WiFi Smart Plug does everything the big-brand models do, but with one key difference: it costs $9.99 instead of $29.99.

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