76ers' Bryan Colangelo Used 5 Twitter Accounts to Criticize Players, Coaches, Execs

Watch Joel Embiid and Markelle Fultz Are Dunking Their Way Through the Offseason

76ers' Bryan Colangelo Used 5 Twitter Accounts to Criticize Players, Coaches, Execs

In a statement published by The Ringer, Colangelo denied the "disturbing" allegations in the story, writing: "Like many of my colleagues in sports, I have used social media as a means to keep up with the news".

Before Kevin Durant got caught using a fake Twitter account to trash his old stomping grounds, nobody really thought about athletes trolling on social media with fake accounts. These accounts posted tweets that were critical of several Sixers players and coaches, including Joel Embiid and Markelle Fultz and former general manager Sam Hinkie. He said in a statement he used one of the accounts to monitor the National Basketball Association industry and other current events, but he was "not familiar with any of the other accounts" brought to his attention and he didn't know who was "behind them or what their motives may be in using them".

The user of one of the accounts claimed to know Colangelo and described him a few times as a "class act".

One of the accounts, according to Bleacher Report, described Noel as a "selfish punk" who was "acting like a vulture".

One of the accounts also reportedly passed along private medical information about then-Sixers center Jahlil Okafor plus gossip about other players, including star big man Joel Embiid.

The burner accounts that the Sixers boss set up talked trash about a lot of the players on the team, but they seemed to keep going after Embiid's knees.

In one particularly freaky tweet, Still Balling even accused Brown of sidelining Fultz in order to sabotage the team.

When reached for a comment, Colangelo did admit to using at least one burner account. Gotta believe him until proven otherwise.

His father, Jerry Colangelo, 78, the longtime Phoenix Suns owner, now serves as a 76ers adviser.

The Ringer reported that it was anonymously tipped off by the source to the Twitter activity in February and began researching from there.

Shortly after Detrick contacted the 76ers about two of the accounts, the other three accounts were switched to private.

According to The Ringer, one of the Twitter accounts it connected to Colangelo bristled at the suggestion that Hinkie deserved credit for the Sixers' turnaround.

Philadelphia 76ers general manager Bryan Colangelo speaks during a news conference at the NBA basketball team's practice facility in Camden, N.J.

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