Apple iOS 12 public beta: How to install, top features, and more

Apple iOS 12 public beta: How to install, top features, and more

Apple iOS 12 public beta: How to install, top features, and more

When is the real version coming out?: If you're not so into trying things before they're fully baked, Apple will be coming out with a full version of iOS 12 sometime in the fall.

If you want to try the next major version of tvOS on your Apple TV, you can now download the pubic beta.

As always, Apple's public betas closely follow the release cycle of developer betas. Once your iPhone is registered, an available software update will become visible in your Settings.

While it's in your interest to back your iPhone up regularly, you might have jumped to iOS 12 public beta 1 without backing the phone first. The next step is to switch over to your iOS device and open In some rare cases, beta software can also brick your device and make it unusable.

Siri will be getting an upgrade with contextual reminders and a new Shortcuts app that will let users create complex Siri "processes" that combine multiple functions into one command. The public beta is available for all iOS 11-running iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models.

There are a few other tweaks and features included in this Beta, but keep in mind that Apple is still developing iOS 12. The final iOS 12 comes out this September, so we're going to have plenty of beta testing until then.

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to install the public beta early. Tap it to download and install. Also, if you're all set to install the latest beta version, you're advisable to backup your device before beginning the download process. Once you've authorized the computer to recognize your iOS device, put the device into recovery mode. You'll also be able to take advantage of some tweaks to some of its built-in apps, like Photos, and see for yourself just how obsessed you are with social media with a new tool for learning about how you use your device.

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