Apple Unveils macOS Mojave with Dark Mode, New Mac App Store

Apple Unveils macOS Mojave with Dark Mode, New Mac App Store

Apple Unveils macOS Mojave with Dark Mode, New Mac App Store

The new macOS Mojave has a lot of features found elsewhere that customers have been demanding Apple add to its operating system. In effect, your Mac will look like everyone else's Mac, and it will be much harder for data companies - including Facebook - to identify and track you, Apple's software chief Craig Federighi said.

Let us know what you think of the new betas and Apple's other announcements today down below in the comments. Apple suggested they'd worked with Pixar, of all the places, to develop a new file format for all things AR. As a result, Apple News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home have been introduced to macOS Mojave.

Meanwhile, a new view in finder - Gallery View - will let users view an image of a file at the top of the screen, with the rest of your files placed in a strip below the main image. IPhones depend on the App Store, but Apple developers had to make different apps if they wanted their offerings to work on Mac computers, too.

The new version of macOS brings system-wide dark mode which not only turns the user interface dark but also switches the wallpaper and content of windows. In the same vein, Apple is bringing more of its iOS apps to the mac. The For You tab also gets an update with a featured photos effects suggestions.

From the screenshots shared during the keynote, Home and Voice Memos on Mojave appear to be nearly identical to their counterparts on iOS in terms of functionality with layout adjustments to accommodate the Mac's windowed environment. There will also be the advent of some iOS apps like Apple News, Stocks and Voice Memos which seems to be the start of something big as third party developers will be able to do the same by next year.

The new Stacks feature organizes messy desktops by automatically stacking files into neat groups. You can click on the stack to see whats in it, or double-click on an icon to open it, or drag an item to your desktop to plop it into a stack. Users will be able to lock down access to their camera, location, microphone, cookies, messaging history, and more.

After Siri, Apple announced some updates to other apps, one of them being Apple News. Ever since the first iPhone launched, people have been predicting that iOS and macOS will merge. Users can join using video or audio-only on their Mac or an iOS device. The feature, which will make it easy to port apps with minimal changes to code, will be made available to developers next year.

Clearly, Apple is now thinking more in terms of offering the software that offers the best user experience across all its devices, whatever be the size of the screen. A popup will appear asking - "Do you want to be tracked?"

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