First Lady Melania Trump Makes Trip To Visit Border Detention Facilities

First Lady Melania Trump Makes Trip To Visit Border Detention Facilities

First Lady Melania Trump Makes Trip To Visit Border Detention Facilities

United States President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday after an worldwide outcry over his immigrant family separation policy at the southern border.

Trump's comments come as the House of Representatives prepares to vote on two immigration proposals offering amnesty to children of illegal immigrants in exchange for border security funding and visa lottery reforms.

"It seems that the current family detention centers, which are problematic in their own right, are near capacity or at capacity", she says. "She wanted to see everything for herself".

The policy has led to the separation of roughly 2,000 children from their families, who are being prosecuted separately. "We don't like to see families separated", Trump said on Wednesday.

With the executive order in effect, Steglich says it's hard to know yet whether families apprehended today will be handled differently than those who have already been separated.

Trump, a frequent viewer of cable television newscasts, had recognized the family separation issue was a growing political problem, White House sources said.

"Congress has the authority and responsibility to make the law of the land and to fix the immigration system", Nielsen said on Capitol Hill.

"We need legislation that will resolve this", said Garcetti.

He made the comment during a meeting with his Cabinet at the White House, asking the departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services to devise a plan.

First Lady Melania Trump paid an unannounced visit to the U.S. -Mexico border on Thursday, one day after President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order to keep families together amid an outcry over his Administration's policy that was tearing them apart. Criticism of the policy mounted in recent days as reports and images of caged detention centres for children spread across social media, along with an audio recording of young children crying for their parents.

"It's extremely troubling that the president's executive order would require immigrant families with children to be detained indefinitely".

"There's still a zero tolerance policy in place". At the same time, we don't want people coming into our country illegally'.

After a downturn past year, the flow of migrants from Central America and Mexico has surged since October. The policy mandates criminal prosecution for anyone caught illegally crossing the border.

Almost all of the arriving families, and many others have officially requested asylum, citing the high levels of violence in their home countries.

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