GOP Reps Warn Trump Against Pardoning Himself: 'Terrible Move'

GOP Reps Warn Trump Against Pardoning Himself: 'Terrible Move'

GOP Reps Warn Trump Against Pardoning Himself: 'Terrible Move'

President Donald Trump is facing growing criticism after a letter his legal team sent to Special Counsel Robert Mueller said the president can not obstruct justice and that he shouldn't be forced to testify.

Amid signs that Trump will have little compunction about pardoning underlings who don't turn state's evidence on him, Stephanopolous asked if the president has the power to let himself off the hook.

Former Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, fired by Trump a year ago along with numerous other federal prosecutors, said it would be "outrageous" for a sitting president to pardon himself and that doing so would represent "almost self-executing impeachment".

But Giuliani also appeared to want it known that if Trump used his power to pardon himself, and triggered a constitutional crisis, it would be in vain since there had been no obstruction of justice in the first place. Many hit out at the idea of the president abusing the pardon power, while others raged at the perceived double standard employed by his personal attorney.

"They have to make a decision without it", Giuliani said on ABC's "This Week," noting that the Trump team has already made available several witnesses and turned over more than a million documents.

Giuliani said on "Meet The Press" that Trump has the power to terminate any federal investigation, although he described such a move as "a very unrealistic thing".

"I would not go that far", the former New York City mayor said when asked whether a president could end an investigation into allegations that he had committed bribery or even murder, Bloomberg reported.

It all stems from the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller into alleged collusion between the Trump team and Russian officials in the election campaign that brought the president to power.

"I believe the court is going to be on the President's side on this", Lewandowski added.

Mr Trump also said he was considering pardoning lifestyle maven Martha Stewart and commuting the prison sentence of former IL governor Rod Blagojevich, convicted of corruption charges. "That's what the whole rule of law is about". "I don't think so, and I haven't spoken to the President about it", Lewandowski answered.

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