Hashtag Trending - Apple WWDC updates: watchOS 5, iOS 12, macOS Mojave

Hashtag Trending - Apple WWDC updates: watchOS 5, iOS 12, macOS Mojave

Hashtag Trending - Apple WWDC updates: watchOS 5, iOS 12, macOS Mojave

Apart from the dark design elements, Xcode now also supports Dark Mode. The Dark Mode feature ties in with the Mojave name as Apple explained how the desert looks lovely at night, and so does Dark Mode in macOS.

UIKit will be available for developers starting in 2019, so you can look forward to a variety of third-party iOS apps coming to your Mac starting next year.

MacOS Mojave also sees the Mac App Store getting a redesign, with the overall look and functionality becoming closer to the iOS store, which was redesigned a year ago. The new sidebar displays sections like Discover, Create, Work, Play and Develop, each with helpful recommendations and app suggestions on each theme. If you silence a few incoming messages during a meeting, Siri will kick in and silence further messages until you're ready to receive them again.

Apple uses the guidelines to decide which apps can appear in the App Store. Adobe will also be bringing Lightroom CC on the Mac App Store.

The other big new feature is Stacks which will help you tame a busy desktop by organizing files into neat groups.

Safari now also automatically creates, autofills and stores strong passwords when users create new online accounts and flags reused passwords so users can change them. Stacks automatically groups similar file types together to bring some order to your messy desktop. So, for example, if you have a image stack then when you drop it onto the desktop it will get swept up into it - click on the stack and the files launch back on the desktop for perusal.

The Mac App Store will also be getting some upgrades, with a redesign that provides editorial content to make it less of a hassle to find a Mac app for your needs.

Mojave expands macOS' selection of native apps to include News, Stocks, Voice Recorder and Home apps.

Another major change this year is the cross-platform framework that will allow developers to easily offer their apps across both iOS and macOS.

Earlier reports suggest that Apple has been planning to integrate the MacOS and iOS.

While a first look at the next iOS update was what many were waiting for, a lot of the watchers expected Apple to give them a preview of what lies in store for the next macOS update for the iMac, MacBook and Mac Pro computing devices.

Plus the FaceTime app now allows users to join a video call with up to 32 other people. Google announced its Digital Wellbeing feature in Android 9 and Apple presented its own Screen Time feature for iOS 12. In the meantime, if you have found some great new features in macOS Mojave which are not mentioned above, drop a comment below and let us know!

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