In EA's SEA OF SOLITUDE, Loneliness Is a Real Beast article

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In EA's SEA OF SOLITUDE, Loneliness Is a Real Beast article

The next title in EA's Original line-up Sea Of Solitude also received a first trailer, with the game first announced back in 2016.

"When humans become lonely, they become monsters,"said Cornelia Geppert, writer and creative director of the upcoming title".

In Sea of Solitude, you play as Kay in an exploration-based third-person adventure inspired by the likes of ICO or RiME. Electronic Arts Vice President Patrick Söderlund revealed that although Kay would encounter many monsters throughout the world presented within Sea of Solitude, she would find the external monsters not to be the biggest danger. It's her quest to discover what happened to herself, as she encounters other monsters on a small boat through a partly submerged city.

The game is already featured on EA's website, and the theme of loneliness is reiterated there. Something way more risky is hiding in the Sea of Solitude and it could be her greatest nightmare.

Sea of Solitude will be launching in early 2019, but there's still no confirmation of the platforms it will release on.

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