IOS 12 Could Cure Your iPhone Addiction: Here's How

IOS 12 Could Cure Your iPhone Addiction: Here's How

IOS 12 Could Cure Your iPhone Addiction: Here's How

The SE2 has been touted to be released "soon" since the start of the year, but more concrete evidence was found by French site Consomac, which discovered that Apple had registered new phone models Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). We know that iOS and macOS will take center stage at WWDC 2018, so here's what's likely in store for observers. As noted in January, the company made a decision to hold back on larger updates to its operating systems this year to focus on bug fixes and performance improvements, resulting in a fairly tame-sounding slate of WWDC announcements.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the Apple beat's most reliable reporter when it comes to intelligence on unannounced products, has a pre-WWDC report which suggests that the keynote will not be jam-packed with major news.

So what can we expect from Apple next week?

These may not be that spectacular this time around though, as an Axios article indicates that Apple is aiming for stability over new features for these versions, after troubles with software bugs with iOS 11. While its mobile software accounts for much more of its revenue, Apple doesn't want to cut out its other devices at its expense, and integrating the two will go some way to fixing this. A second AR mode allows for "objects to be dropped into an area and virtually remain in place".

However, it seems like Apple's iOS 12 will have one major new feature called Digital Health. As to the aforementioned ambitious iOS features that have been pushed back to iOS 13, the report notes that the list includes a "redesigned Home Screen for launching apps and presenting snippets of information, an artificial intelligence upgrade to the Photos app, and new file-management tools for iPads". With Apple introducing a similar feature, comparisons will be made between the two. Put simply, iOS 12 might be interesting, but iOS 13 is where the excitement really lies.

With no hardware announcements planned for next week, Apple will instead focus on addressing recent concerns with device addiction, Bloomberg claims, after the firm was called out earlier this year for the "harmful effect" that its iPhones are having on young people. However, these won't be ready until later this year. This was announced at the event a year ago, but was limited to a small number of territories.

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