IPhone owners who paid full price for battery may get rebate

IPhone owners who paid full price for battery may get rebate

IPhone owners who paid full price for battery may get rebate

To deal with backlash, Apple lowered its battery replacement out-of-warranty fee from $79 to $29 in late December.

Apple seeded iOS 11.3 developer beta 2 on Tuesday.

Screenshots of the new battery health feature are posted below. Under that, you'll also see an option called "Peak Performance Capability" that will tell you that "your battery is now supporting normal peak performance". It appears the newer models will indeed handle aging batteries and peak workloads better than their predecessors, thanks to special hardware, but exactly how is unclear. As some analysts have opined, a mass of users intent on swapping out their old batteries for new ones could have a substantial impact on the cumulative number of iPhone upgrades Apple sees throughout the year.

Then, we have another piece of info, letting us know how the battery is performing and whether the iPhone's hardware is now being throttled.

Hogan outlined that in fall 2016, Apple received notice of iPhones unexpectedly shutting down.

The letter, which is a response to questions Thune sent Apple, comes after the company said it intentionally slows down batteries on older iPhone models to avoid unexpected crashes on the device.

The feature is still in beta, so more controls may be added before iOS 11.3 releases for the public. As per the report, the users can hear their smartphones ring, however, there is no option on the screen to pick up or decline the call. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said an upcoming iOS update will give customers the option to turn off performance throttling if they so choose. When the iPhone battery condition offers normal peak performance, you will see the message "Your battery is now supporting normal peak performance". Meanwhile, sales of Apple's newest iPhone have been weaker than expected, to the point that Apple is reportedly going to stop production of the phone this coming summer.

Watches, Macs, apps and other services are set to play a more important role for Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) than ever before, according to analysts at UBS.

Upon installing iOS 11.3 for the first time, any previously enabled performance management features will be automatically disabled.

Performance management is off by default resulting in your phone being prone to sudden shutdowns.

The company says the problem is due to a failed component on the main logic board and will offer free repairs to customers experiencing the issue.

Or you can always just get a new iPhone.

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