MacOS Mojave Adds Dark Mode, Clears the Desktop Clutter

Apple will make a big announcement tonight- here's what we think it will reveal

It’s harvest season for Apple fans as they prepare for a bumper crop of announcements at the Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple kicked off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday by sharing some new details about its latest mobile software, iOS 12.

You can set per-app or overall-usage time limits, manage app access for other users (such as children), set up warning pop-ups when you're close to hitting a preset usage time limit, and more.

As such, the older smartphones, which traditionally would not receive the new update, will remain current for another year.

The organization also manifolds its commitment to user privacy by introducing the tools to stop advertisers from tracking the Apple device and users from being tracked online.

A new discovery reveals that Siri will be able to control streaming apps in iOS 12, other than Apple Music, thanks to help from Shortcuts. Users can also set time limits for apps and when time is up, they are notified.

With proper integrations the feature would launch the app in the background so you could keep your phone in your pocket while the tunes automatically started playing. It can show many hours you've spent each day, up to a week.

Earlier this year, two large Apple shareholders asked the company to do more to help parents prevent their children from becoming addicted to digital devices, NPR reported.

Developer betas are available now, and the full version of macOS Mojave will be available to users in the Fall. Apple's betting its new AR tools will open the floodgates even further.

iOS 12 will finally be revamping Apple's reviled notification system and granting users some ability to control them, including granular notification controls and bundled notifications.

If you are an app developer, download the software via the official Apple channels. Once you've exceeded the time limit, a notification will pop up and you won't be allowed to use that app anymore. People who are sent photos on iOS 12 will then be prompted to send their own photos from the same event. You can also get a feel for the software's performance on your phone or tablet, an intriguing proposition for those of you struggling on iOS 11. Make sure to take part in our poll below and do drop a comment to let us know whether iOS 12 has lived up to your expectations or not.

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