New Gmail interface to roll out to everyone in July

New Gmail it's coming whether you like it or not

New Gmail it's coming whether you like it

The company originally launched an Early Adopter Program for the new Gmail redesign, which updates the service's look with a more modern Material Design appearance.

G Suite Admins will have a few options for their users which are listed below and will be available in the Admin console.

As Google explains, anyone can opt in to the new design at the moment.

After you've enabled the new Gmail for your domain or organization, your users can opt in individually from their Gmail settings.

Allow their users to opt in to the new Gmail at the time of their choice. Be that as it may, odds are they'll be comparable: the new plan was declared first for G Suite users, yet it was made accessible to free users in the meantime.

It is to be kept in mind that the Opt-out option will not work after roughly 12 weeks following the GA announcement in July, after which every user will be integrated into the new Gmail experience. But, after eight weeks, users will automatically be migrated to the new Gmail.

July - Google will officially launch the new Gmail.

At the moment, the new Gmail is entirely optional. For a period of time, users will still have the option to opt out (see below for more details).

What will be in the new Gmail update?


One of the features coming to the new version of Gmail includes a confidential mode that allows you to set an expiry date for an email that automatically deletes after a certain date.

Listen, that might sound a touch tyrannical, but new Gmail is pretty darn cool.

In April, Google unveiled a new design for Gmail, which features a more modern look, advanced security features, artificial intelligence, and more integrations with other G Suite apps.

Google's G Suite makeover is aimed at saving businesses email hours, opens and time spent on notifications.

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