Neymar Under Pressure As Brazil Aim Victory

Neymar Under Pressure As Brazil Aim Victory

Neymar Under Pressure As Brazil Aim Victory

After the Selecao's 2-0 win over Costa Rica at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russian Federation, the veteran centre-back sent tongues wagging when he told members of the media that he was "saddened" after he was "insulted" by Neymar when the 26-year-old reacted angrily towards him following a misplaced pass.

Especially when it came to their counter-attacks tactic that caught Germany off guard and got them one of the biggest victories in Mexican football history.

The backache that forced Real Madrid's left back Marcelo out of Brazil's 2-0 win over Serbia on Wednesday may have been caused by a hotel mattress, according to the team doctor.

"Well, the two players are exceptional players", Casemiro told reporters of Ronaldo and Neymar. This Mexican side is unbelievable going forward but they have big issues in the defensive side of the game.

"They are among the three best in the world: Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar are the three best players in the world and I'm happy I have one of them playing alongside me".

With champions Germany out, Argentina only scraping through, and Spain in turmoil, many see Brazil as the clear favourites to lift the World Cup in Moscow on July 15.

"With all due respect, you [the media] are the ones talking about favourites", Casemiro added.

'Mexico are a very good team, we have to be wary of that.

Doctors will blame a soft mattress for an injury before admitting they made mistakes getting the players ready for the tournament in Russian Federation.

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