Phillie Fanatic Fires Hot Dog Into Woman's Face

Phillies fan an amazingly good sport after being injured by hot dog in freak accident

Phillies fan an amazingly good sport after being injured by hot dog in freak accident

Wielding his ceremonial hot dog cannon, the Phanatic fired a shot and accidentally injured Phillies fan Kathy McVay when an errant hot dog hit her right between the eyes.

On Monday night, McVay was at the Phillies-Cardinals game at Citizens Bank Park.

Kathy McVay was seated behind home plate when the Phillies mascot - the Phanatic - drove out onto the field armed with his hot dog launcher and began sending hot dogs flying into the crowd. Nursing a shoulder injury that will require surgery, she was unable to catch the airborne sausage or knock it away, she said.

"I think it just came so fast. My glasses flew", she said.

She left the game to get checked out and was diagnosed with a small hematoma.

The baseball club have reportedly offered her free game tickets when she has recovered, but we're hoping McVay also gets free hotdogs for life.

That dog was wrapped in duct tape.

"Just to be aware, because you never know", McVay told ABC 6. "And hard", she said.

She told WPVI-TV she doesn't plan legal action.

To her credit, McVay understands the ridiculous nature of her injury and is taking it all in stride. In 2012, another fan filed suit when the Phanatic allegedly flung her into a pool while she was sitting on a lounge chair at her sister's wedding.

The Phanatic mascot launched the hot dog into the stands in between innings.

Now that the public knows she's OK, McVay can bank on people getting a decent laugh out of this one.

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