PlayStation Hits re-releases top PS4 games on the cheap

PlayStation Hits re-releases top PS4 games on the cheap

PlayStation Hits re-releases top PS4 games on the cheap

For more information on that, you can check out the Canadian PlayStation Hits page.

According to a former Sony developer, the company's stance on this matter isn't all that surprising.

Given that even Nintendo is supporting cross-platform Xbox play, will Sony need to get with the times to stay relevant, or will their desire (as the current market leader) to keep as many gamers as possible on PS4 backfire in the long run?

You will be able to take advantage of the discounts regardless of how you choose to buy your games, as they will be available at retail stores as well as on the PlayStation Store.

Each PlayStation Hits game costs 15.99 or €19.99.

"Simple as that", Smedley added.

Yes, Mr. Smedley, that is indeed a dumb reason.

Kotaku UK reached out for further, official comment from Sony regarding the situation, but the company hasn't replied just yet.

Karol Severin, lead analyst at MIDiA Research for games and the mobile content economy, says this walled garden approach makes sense from a business perspective. The game's "Bedrock Engine" was revealed during E3 2017 and allows Xbox One, PC, Switch, iOS, Apple TV, Kindle Fire, Gear VR, and Oculus Rift players to join each other online.

Similar budget schemes have existed on each of Sony's previous PlayStation home consoles, referred to as a Greatest Hits (North America), Platinum or Essentials (Europe), The Best (Japan) or BigHit Series (South Korea) depending upon the region.

A few days ago an image popped up on Reddit that seemed to show an option to download a game that was streaming from PlayStation Now. Players who linked their Epic Games account to their PlayStation 4 were faced with a message saying that their account "does not allow it to operate on Switch".

Fortnite, which gained a cult-like following after its release in 2017, became one of the biggest hits in gaming with an estimated 125 million players.

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