Rescue efforts continuing after Guatemala volcano eruption

The death toll had stood at 75 on Tuesday. Once a verdant collection of canyons, hillsides and farms, the area was reduced to a moonscape of ash by the avalanche of fast-moving molten rock, mud and debris.

A rescue worker pauses amid the attempt to save people hurt or displaced in the eruption. Some 280,000 people are evacuated. Rescuers were evacuated from those areas with the new flows Tuesday afternoon.

Guatemala issued warnings to its residents after signs of more activity at the Fuego volcano emerged.

A baby miraculously survived after a house was covered in ash.

Associated Press journalists in Guatemala have seen workers carrying five stretchers of human remains out of San Miguel Los Lotes near the Volcano of Fire.

The couple has been staying at a Mormon church in the nearby city of Escuintla and going to a morgue there to await news.

"This can serve as a tiny bit of consolation for the people", Diaz said. "Nobody is left there".

As President Jimmy Morales toured the area and met with survivors on Monday, a woman begged him to help her loved ones in Los Lotes.

"Mr. President, my family is missing", she said.

They have been helping children and families in Guatemala for ten years. "More than 20 have disappeared".

The 3,763-meter (12,346-foot) volcano erupted early Sunday, spewing out towering plumes of ash and a hail of fiery rock fragments with scalding mud.

Figures for the dead were tweeted by Guatemala's National Institute of Forensic Sciences.

They were taken by the Guatemalan National Civil Police during the disaster operation, which has so far confirmed 75 deaths.

The institute said on Wednesday that 28 of those recovered bodies have been identified. The only thing they did not yet have was information on the unidentified bodies, but would be adding that as it became available, he said.

At the wreckage in the village of San Miguel Los Lotes near the base of the volcano, rescue crews were operating again but rain from the previous night had caused the ash to harden. "They are taking away our opportunity to say goodbye".

At least 70 are killed and another 30 missing after the crater of the Parker volcano in the south of the island of Mindanao collapses. Rescuers are still struggling to locate people due to homes and roads being completely covered in volcanic ash. "There's a lot of people suffering right now because they lost their family, they lost their home, they lost everything they had, and there is a lot of people missing".

"He is called Rambo", said volunteer firefighter Sergio Vazquez, who carried the dog on his shoulders to safety.

This comes as people living near the Volcano of Fire flee amid new eruptions.

However, the prospects of finding any more survivors was poor, he said. Numerous victims are unrecognisable, with officials warning that DNA testing and other methods may be needed to identify them. Some 46 people were injured, around half of whom are in serious condition, it said.

Meanwhile the Israeli embassy and a team from Israel's Zaka emergency service have launched efforts in Guatemala to provide aid and basic necessities to those affected, including blankets, medicine, first aid kits and water purification tablets.

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