School shooting video game removed online after backlash

School shooting video game removed online after backlash

School shooting video game removed online after backlash

A video game allowing players to act out a school shooting has been pulled just days before it was due to be released.

Valve, the company that operates Steam, made the decision to remove "Active Shooter" late Tuesday.

Valve went on to say that because of the controversy surrounding "Active Shooter, ' they discovered that Berdiyev was trying to conduct business under a different name".

"We are not going to do business with people who do this to our users or the Valve", - said the representative of the Valve. It's branded as a "SWAT simulator" that lets players choose between being an active shooter terrorizing a school or the responding SWAT team. A digital counter keeps score of how many civilians or cops are killed. But making such a link is controversial and games industry leaders deny there is evidence to support it.

In particular, it drew attention to the fact that other mass shooting-themed titles had been sold via Steam for several years. And even more surprising to some, data points to school shooters as being less interested in violent video games than most of their adolescent male peers.

Valve Corporation is a video game development company.

The world of games has a very complicated relationship with school shootings, to say the least. Previous links to the game now redirect to Steam's homepage.

Active Shooter is not alone among school shooting video gamesA screenshot of 'Super Columbine Massacre RPG!' "Steam and other gaming platforms should review their content libraries to determine if those games merit continued publication through their services".

According to the Miami Herald, the game would have come with the following disclaimer: "Please do not take any of this seriously".

That could refer to malware or viruses, but Valve also has a list of content that developers should not include in their games.

"Active Shooter" quickly inspired a backlash from parents. Content that is "patently offensive or meant to shock or disgust viewers" and "content that exploits children in any way" are both on the list. They also said that he had a bad history on Steam. One was removed after its creator issued a death threat to Valve CEO Gabe Newell online.

"When you make a game about something in real life that can happen to us, that actually happened to me, it's not only offensive, it's disgusting, why would you make a game about a school shooting, it's so messed up", Foote told CBS Miami.

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