Teens are using Facebook less and less

Image Credit Elijah O'Donell

Image Credit Elijah O'Donell

The Pew Research Centre report confirms a trend seen in other surveys, showing a sharp drop in Facebook's share of what had always been a core age segment for the huge social network.

Facebook, once the dominate social network, is struggling to earn and retain teenage users, according to Pew Research Center. It turns out a number of American teenagers agree.

Pew's survey reported that nearly half of the teens they surveyed say they are using the internet "almost constantly", up from 24 percent in 2015, while 90 percent go online multiple times a day.

"Despite the almost ubiquitous presence of social media in their lives, there is no clear consensus among teens about these platforms' ultimate impact on people their age", the think tank added. Facebook was fourth at 51% - a figure that's down from 71% in a comparable poll three years ago.

Teens are turning off Facebook.

"Today, the majority use Instagram and Snapchat, which wasn't the case back then", Monica Anderson, a research associate at Pew and lead author of the report, told Mashable.

Girls are more likely than boys to use Snapchat most often, with 42 percent reporting that as a first choice.

Second and third top social media services among teens are now Instagram at 72% and Snapchat at 69%.

Facebook usage lags behind rivals such as YouTube, where 85 per cent of teens say they spend their time.

Other findings in this year's Pew study include the fact that 95% of teens now say they have access to a smartphone - up from 73% in the 2015 survey.

The news doesn't bode well for Facebook, but the company does own Instagram, a photo and video-sharing service that's been competiting fiercely with Snapchat. Those reporting a more positive view noted how social media helps users connect to friends and family while those believing it to have a negative impact pointed to bullying and rumor-spreading on social media sites.

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