Telltale Are Working On A Stranger Things Project

Telltale Are Working On A Stranger Things Project

Telltale Are Working On A Stranger Things Project

The original TechRadar report included theories about a potential game based on Netflix series Strange Things arriving, but according to the latest updates of said article, Netflix sources have reportedly debunked that particular rumor. The company was adamant that it doesn't consider an interactive offering to be a game, but rather an extension of the cinematic experience. Sometimes it works incredibly well, like in The Walking Dead game, and other times it feels like they're aping the tone but not the positives of the source material, as was the case with the largely miserable Game of Thrones adaptation. The live-streaming service will be adding games to its system, though Netflix games will not be the traditional sort, so if you're already planning to call Netflix support and ask to play the next Battlefield on there, we fear you'll only leave that conversation feeling disappointed.

Announcing the game on their Twitter during the ongoing E3 conference, Telltale initially registered their delight at the reaction fans have had to the idea of Minecraft: Story Mode coming to Netflix in the near future.

Netflix made a special announcement today, revealing plans to bring adventure games from Telltale Games to its subscription service. Each episode will stream as a video file, and you'll be able control them using any remote equipped with a directional pad and select buttons. When you're playing a video game, and you're actively engaged with a shooter, you're on the very edge of your seat sort of constantly.

That said, it now sounds even simpler than that.

The source has stated that playable demos have been in existence for almost a year, meaning that the announcement of a partnership may occur any day. The other part of that partnership? When reached, Telltale told Engadget that they do not comment on rumors.

As for the yet-unannounced Telltale Stranger Things game, sources say the game should have been ready for launch in the autumn of 2017, but was pushed back to a later date.

However, the bigger news and one that Netflix probably shouldn't have commented on just yet, is that Telltale are working on a project based on the hit TV show Stranger Things.

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