Three women sue Weinstein in new sexual assault suit

The new case follows a similar action which has stalled thanks to the bankruptcy of TWC

Alberto E. Rodriguez WireImage for MTV Communications

TMZ reports that Melissa Thompson has filed a class acion lawsuit against the disgraced former Hollywood mogul over an assault she alleges he committed against her in September of 2011, when he met with her in his NY office to pitch her company's new video platform for use by Weinstein and his company.

Just last Friday, Weinstein was arrested and surrendered himself to authorities in New York City following multiple investigations into claims of sexual misconduct carried out by the Manhattan District Attorney's office and the NYPD.

The friend, a NY modeling executive named Paolo Zampolli, who has reported ties to both Weinstein and President Donald Trump, urged her to follow through by citing Brafman's credentials, and later insisted Brafman had told him "he was representing girls", the suit alleged.

She says she turned on her computer's video recording capability to help demonstrate internet technology she was trying to sell him.

We are told the video, which The Blast previously viewed before the lawsuit, will be evidence of Weinstein's assault and will become a key piece of evidence in the case.

"Thompson was fighting back, but could not out-muscle him", the lawsuit states. It said Thompson, feeling cornered but wanting to finish the demonstration, responded: "Ummmmm". She alleges she was tricked into sharing evidence of her alleged assault with a lawyer named Alex Spiro and even discussed legal strategies accusers could employ against Weinstein.

He then promises to make a deal that same day, if only she'd meet him at his Tribeca Grand Hotel room later on.

In turn, the American star Kathleen Dulani said that the movie producer beat her and made her violent sexual intercourse during the Cannes film festival in 1996, inviting to his hotel room.

Thompson said she was referred to Ben Brafman's law firm amid allegations from dozens of women that surfaced in the fall, according to a release obtained by The Associated Press.

The 66-year-old is already faced with a class action lawsuit filed by six women in California, while he has been indicted on rape charges in NY. "They're asking for damages".

They are suing Weinstein - as well as Miramax and The Weinstein Company - for assault, battery and racketeering.

Phyllis Kupferstein, a lawyer for Weinstein, likened the lawsuit to an earlier one filed by the same lawyers on behalf of a different group of women and said the case "suffers from the same lack of merit".

Other women who were victimized by Weinstein were invited to join the suit.

Weinstein remains out on $1 million cash bail ordered by a judge last Friday.

Weinstein denies any nonconsensual sexual conduct.

Brafman said his client intends to "vigorously defend against these unsupported allegations that he strongly denies".

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