Trump fires aide who joked about 'dying' war hero John McCain

White House still won't apologize for Mc Cain joke

Trump fires aide who joked about 'dying' war hero John McCain

The Trump administration communications aide who made a cruel comment about ailing Arizona GOP Sen.

Conway declined to say why Sadler left her job in the White House, which was first reported on Tuesday.

Sadler remained employed in the White House for almost a month after making an insensitive comment about McCain in a closed meeting on May 10 because he opposed Trump's nomination of Gina Haspel for Central Intelligence Agency director.

Sadler reportedly called Meghan McCain after the insensitive remark, but it did not go over well with Senator's daughter. Sadler made the remark almost a month ago, and the White House has refused to apologize or discipline her, even as McCain's family members and GOP lawmakers called on them to do so.

Under normal circumstances one would expect the White House to quickly fire an aide who mocked a senator battling brain cancer, but that's not what happened. It was not clear whether Sadler was sacked or forced to resign.

"We respect Senator McCain's service to our nation and he and his family are in our prayers during this hard time", a statement at the time said.

Shah, in the White House briefing the day after the comments were reported, said, "If you aren't able in internal meetings to speak your mind, or convey thoughts or say anything that you feel without feeling like your colleagues will betray you, that creates a very hard work environment". And it's not clear what other steps are planned to curtail the leaks.

"Kelly Sadler is no longer employed within the Executive Office of the President".

"Someone had it out for Kelly Sadler", Scaramucci, who served as the White House communications director for less than two weeks last summer, told CNN's Chris Cuomo.

The White House then cut down the size of communications meetings, aides said.

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