Trump meeting Kim: Kardashian seeks pardon for a grandmother in prison

Trump meeting Kim: Kardashian seeks pardon for a grandmother in prison

Trump meeting Kim: Kardashian seeks pardon for a grandmother in prison

Kardashian West has urged the president to pardon Alice Marie Johnson, 63, who is serving a life sentence without parole for a nonviolent drug offence.

Kardashian West and Jared Kushner, Trump's senior advisor (and son-in-law), have been in talks for months planning a meeting with Trump, according to Vanity Fair.

She reportedly has been in contact with Kushner and the Trump administration over the case.

The target of today's "Hot Topics" roast on The Wendy Williams Show was none other than Kim Kardashian, 37!

For her part, Kardashian has dipped her toe into the realm of prison reform by advocating for the release of Alice Marie Johnson.

First, Trump granted a posthumous pardon to former boxing heavyweight champion Jack Johnson - the first black man to achieve that status - after his great-great niece and movie star Sylvester Stallone submitted pleas.

And Trump certainly looked happy to have Kim in the office as he took to Twitter to share a snap of the two in the White House's Oval Office.

"I went into a complete panic and out of desperation, I made one of the worst decisions of my life to make some quick money", she told Mic.

According to USA media reports, Johnson's conviction stemmed from her leading role in a multimillion-dollar drug ring that dealt thousands of kilograms of cocaine over a three-year period.

Despite the serious nature of their discussion, Twitter users couldn't get over the fact that two former reality show stars were talking policy about an important issue like the U.S. war on drugs. The goals, Kardashian has said, are to get Alice Marie Johnson's case in front of Trump and to secure a presidential pardon.

Johnson is now sentenced to life in prison at the Aliceville Correctional Facility in Alabama.

She added: "I would explain to [Trump] that, just like everybody else, we can make choices in our lives that we're not proud of and we don't think all the way through. Today is for you".

She hopes to meet the president during her visit. In a second tweet, Kim wrote, "We are optimistic about Ms. Johnson's future and hopeful that she -and so many like her-will get a second chance at life".

Johnson previously told Business Insider that Kardashian West was her "war angel".

But here's the biggest question: Why didn't any of us see this coming?

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