Trump renews sanctions on N Korea citing 'extraordinary threat'

Trump renews sanctions on N Korea citing 'extraordinary threat'

Trump renews sanctions on N Korea citing 'extraordinary threat'

Following drills past year, the North fired ballistic missiles over Japan, triggering global alarm.

This of course stands in start contrast to Trump's recent statements on North Korea, in which he declared the nuclear threat from North Korea to be over.

On Friday, the Pentagon said the United States and South Korea have agreed to indefinitely suspend two Korean Marine Exchange Program training exercises.

U.S. President Donald Trump has signed an order extending sanctions against North Korea for one year, citing the "extraordinary threat" of that country's nuclear weapons.

The move follows as the United States and South Korea cancelled two more training exercises on Friday, reports the BBC. North Korea had long sought an end to the war games.

He went on to say the pair had "great chemistry" and remains optimistic about a future relationship.

He is declaring that North Korea has already begun ridding itself fully of nuclear weapons following an agreement with Kim in Singapore earlier this month, even though his Defense Department says otherwise.

North Korea announced before the Singapore summit the suspension of its ICBM testing and also closed its nuclear bomb test site, where it conducted several explosions in front of visiting media that it said were to destroy testing tunnels.

The ban on transfer of any USA assets by North Korea's leaders or its ruling party has been extended or expanded several times by both President Barack Obama and Trump himself, in response to North Korean missile tests and other actions. Some could be lifted as negotiations progress.

The planned location for the return was not yet known, but officials said they were stationing the temporary coffins at the JSA since it is the closest point.

Officials had announced on Monday that planning for Freedom Guard had been suspended in line with Trump's decision to halt what he called U.S. "war games" in South Korea.

This is not the first time that the USA and South Korea have delayed joint exercises.

But the regional mood has turned towards diplomacy since the Winter Olympics hosted by South Korea, which set off a series of diplomatic moves culminating in the Trump-Kim meet.

Friday's executive order extended one signed by Trump in September 2017 to "address the provocative, destabilizing, and repressive actions and policies of the government of North Korea, including its intercontinental ballistic missile launches of July 3 and July 28, 2017, and its nuclear test of September 2, 2017".

"We have 100 years of mateship with the United States this year, of course we would welcome him here", Mr Pyne told reporters in Adelaide on Saturday. I think the V and the I, the verifiable and irreversible, is the methodology getting to that goal.

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