Twitter Heralds Melania Trump's Return to the Spotlight After "Rough Patch"

Melania Trump resurfaces after she went

Melania Trump resurfaces after she went"missing for 24

US President Donald Trump said Wednesday that First Lady Melania Trump was recovering well from surgery, but complained bitterly about "Fake News" media coverage of her long absence from public view.

She and Trump "were honoured to pay tribute to our fallen heroes".

The First Lady did not attend a family weekend at Camp David, prompting even more conspiracy theories threatening her privacy and late night comedian mockery.

No argument from Joe Scarborough, who agreed entirely that "it would be a "vicious" and "unfair" person would lie about a loved one having a facelift for the goal of causing pain and embarrassment".

The first lady's public re-emergence is tied to one of her interests.

Melania, 48, had not been spotted since 10 May, she joined the president in greeting three American hostages released by North Korea.

Despite the operation's routine nature, Melania remained there for five days, returning to the White House on 19 May.

Grisham dismissed the media speculation as "nonsense".

Mrs. Trump's stay in the hospital was also shrouded in secrecy.

Scarborough shot back at Trump for his comments about a possible Melania "facelift" on Wednesday, tweeting, "I agree that it would be "vicious" and "unfair" to lie about a loved one having a facelift for the goal of causing pain and embarrassment". But over the past half century, it has become the expectation that people know the basic narrative of the first lady's activities. The popular rumor right now is that Melania is done with Washington D.C., and she is planning a permanent move back to her NYC penthouse.

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