U.S. vows to veto UNSC proposal to protect Palestinians

The Kuwait-drafted text had called for "measures to guarantee the safety and protection" of Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the occupied West Bank, and requested a United Nations report to propose an "international protection mechanism".

The proposed resolution "is morally bankrupt and would only serve to undermine ongoing efforts toward peace between the Israelis and Palestinians", Haley said in a statement on Thursday. The proposal has also been criticised by Britain and France, two permanent members of the Security Council, for lacking specific details.

Then diplomats said it would be delayed and now the council is scheduled to vote at 3:00 p.m. (1900 GMT) on Friday.

Since March 30, Israeli fire has killed more than 115 Palestinians, a lot of them unarmed protesters, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

In a move against the draft resolution circulated by Kuwait, Washington put forward a new United Nations draft resolution condemning the Palestinian factions in Gaza. The United States was the only country that voted against the text. It asks UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for a written report within 60 days ways to ensure "the safety, protection and well-being of the Palestinian civilian population under Israeli occupation", including recommendations about "an global protection mechanism".

Haley delivered a blunt warning to European countries and other council members that choosing to "vote in favour of this resolution will clarify their own lack of fitness to take part in any credible negotiations between the two parties". Tuesday's torrent of rockets and mortars prompted the U.S. to call for Wednesday's meeting, where UN Mideast envoy Nikolay Mladenov said the latest escalation in Gaza was a warning of "how close to the brink of war we are every day".

Meanwhile, UN envoy for the Middle East, Nickolay Mladenov, this week warned the Security Council that Gaza was "close to the brink of war" following a serious escalation between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Hamas-ruled enclave.

China, France and Russian Federation were some of the countries that voted in favour of the Kuwaiti draft. Israel said its troops were defending its border and accused Hamas of trying to attack under the cover of the protest.

Over 115 Palestinians have been killed since protests began, a lot of them unarmed protesters. The army also said that a military vehicle came under fire, and a grenade planted on the fence exploded.

Mardini said that in the seven weeks since the demonstrations and violence began "we have exceeded the wounded caseload of the August 2014 war".

But Israeli media claim a Hamas leader admitted that 50 of the Palestinians killed on were members of the group.

"The whole Gaza is a sinking ship", he said.

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