WatchOS 5 is ready to push Apple Watch into the future

WatchOS 5 is ready to push Apple Watch into the future

WatchOS 5 is ready to push Apple Watch into the future

Apple at WWDC 2018 announced watchOS 5 as the newest operating system for Apple Watch.

Student ID cards are also coming in the wallet which you will be able to access on the iPhone as well as the Apple Watch.

Walkie-Talkie mode on the Apple Watch, coming later this year, will let you send short voice messages directly from your Watch to another Watch user.

Fitness updates: A new workout type for yoga including heart-rate monitoring and tracking, and another for hiking that helps to measure pace and heart-rate. Or will you stick it out for longer with the aging hardware?

Apple also wants to make the Apple Watch more fun to wear when you're not working out. If you forget to start a workout but the watch senses your movement has increased and your heart rate has gone up, it will retroactively recognize your workout and start tracking it. Outdoor running can now track your rolling mile pace, and will alert you if you're falling behind your desired pace.

While Apple had introduced music streaming features with watchOS 4, it has now brought Apple Podcasts support. But experts these days generally say the overall outlook for smart watches has shrunk somewhat from the original promise: that smart watches were going to become ubiquitous. The app allows Watch users to talk to one another instantly and without any prior warning, much like they would with a real walkie-talkie. For starters, you can now raise your wrist and instantly talk to the assistant, skipping the "Hey Siri" trigger. Episodes will automatically sync to Apple Watch, and as they're listened to on other devices, the app will automatically refresh with the latest episode. Walkie-Talkie watchOS 5 introduces Walkie-Talkie, an entirely new way to communicate with voice and just a tap of the wrist.

Also viewable web content will be available in texts and email.

Notifications from third party apps will now allow you to interact with different elements directly from that notification too.

It won't be lots of information, but it'll give you an idea of whether you need to open it up on your phone. It's also great grounding for its next smartwatch, and we may hear about more features in watchOS 5 closer to release later this year.

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