Yahoo Messenger will shut down next month. Bye, Felicia

Yahoo Messenger will shut down next month. Bye, Felicia

Yahoo Messenger will shut down next month. Bye, Felicia

"We're constantly experimenting with new services and apps, one of which is an invite-only group messaging app called Yahoo Squirrel (currently in beta)".

Earlier today, Yahoo announced that it will forfeit its Messenger service effective July 17.

The company said that while the service has "many loyal fans", it will abandon the chat app in favor of newer messaging tools "that better fit consumer needs".

In place, the company is encouraging users to sign up for Squirrel, which the company has been quietly beta-testing since May. Yahoo Messenger's contemporary, AOL's AIM app, shut down in late 2017. Users won't be able to access the service after July 17 anymore, according to a message posted to the Yahoo help forums. If you want to extract your chat history, that option will be available for the next six months. Yahoo, which Verizon acquired past year and folded into a new holding group called Oath, gave no precise reasons for sending Yahoo Messenger to the grave. In other words: Yahoo Messenger's backend is shut down at that time so that connections are not longer supported. At the moment, there is no direct replacement for Yahoo Messenger, but users are being advised that they can request an invite for the beta version of the invite-only group messaging app Yahoo Squirrel. Yahoo recommends that users remove them from their devices as they can't be used anymore after the date. Yahoo user IDs will continue to work with other services (such as Yahoo Mail).

There has been a bit of restructuring going after after Verizon acquired Yahoo in 2016.

Many were surprised to learn that Yahoo Messenger is still in operation after all these years.

Watch your email for the file.

After July 17, the Yahoo Messenger app will cease to function. However, the expectation is that the full service will be open to all by the time Yahoo messenger is eased out.

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