1 dead, 9 others injured after boat explodes in the Bahamas

People on a neighboring boat attempted to rescue injured passengers from the explosion off Exuma in the Bahamas on Saturday

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Three people on the neighboring boat jumped into the shallow waters and helped to pull at least one injured person off the disabled boat.

Maleka Jackson's father, Malvin Grimes, said she was a loving mother to her 12-year-old son and believed in giving back to her community.

All 10 passengers on the craft were Americans.

The 40-foot chartered tour boat was carrying ten tourists and two Bahamians when an engine exploded, engulfing the vessel in flames, the statement said.

The Vermont Center for Dance Education said Ms Schaffer had been a part of their "dance family" for years.

Schaffer's brother, George, posted on Facebook about the incident. Investigators are looking for the cause of the blast.

A United States dancer placed in an induced coma after a boat explosion in the Bahamas will wake to find both her legs amputated.

On Sunday, George shared a grateful thankful post for those who have offered the family support. "The kind words and prayers are very much needed and appreciated", it reads.

"The next challenge is to get Stefanie and Stacey to the US for more medical care". She requires surgery on her two fractured legs. Please keep the love and prayers for Stefanie.

Footage taken by a witness on a nearby boat moments after the blast shows flames and thick black smoke billowing from the burning boat.

The accident also left Stefanie Schaffer in a medically-induced coma with severe injuries, ABC News reported.

The Rutland Herald reports she also suffered two broken arms, a fractured spine and internal injuries. Stacey Bender has broken bones and Brooke Schaffer and Paul Bender have cuts and bruises. Brooke and Stefanie's father and brother are now traveling to be with them in the Bahamas. "We know their expenses will far exceed this as this becomes a life long struggle for this family".

Her husband was hospitalized "in bad shape". Police have not identified the person who died.

'We used plywood and some 2-by-6s basically as gurneys to get the passengers to shore, ' Inman said.

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