Americans In London Urged To 'Keep A Low Profile' During Trump Visit

Trump protests

UK Media Pushes Anti Trump Narrative with ‘How to Protest Visit’ Coverage 8 Jul 2018

The US president's brash style and hard line "America First" policies have caused consternation across Britain's political spectrum and society.

Theresa May with Donald Trump at the White House in January 2017.

Firebrand politician and Trump ally Nigel Farage labelled the move "the biggest insult to a sitting US President ever" but others have welcomed the playful rebuke. That led roughly 500,000 people to sign a petition calling for Trump to be banned from entering the Britain.

Trump and his wife, First Lady Melania, will land at London's Stanstead airport after attending a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels.

Ahead of his visit, Trump said Britain was now "in somewhat turmoil" as Prime Minister May grappled with a political crisis after two top ministers quit over her plans for trade ties with the European Union after Britain leaves the bloc next March.

Yet according to David Wemer of the Atlantic Council, a new U.S. -U.K. trade deal isn't a high priority for the Trump administration.

The President commented on the escalating crisis Monday, saying it's "up to the people" to decide if May should remain as Prime Minister. "But I believe the people in the UK, Scotland, Ireland - as you know I have property in Ireland, I have property all over - I think that those people, they like me a lot and they agree with me on immigration".

Evie, who's 26, is also an American living in the UK.

Trump has clashed in the past with May - even though she is a conservative who shares his view that defense spending should be raised - and with her predecessor, David Cameron, who challenged Trump's anti-Muslim campaign stance as "divisive, stupid and wrong".

She said this will be the pair's first time meeting each other.

For Evie, problems on the USA borders - such as young children being separated from their families - is one of her key concerns about the United States administration.

Trump is not expected to spend time in central London.

"I think it's amusing".

"I'm not for or against him coming, but I hope he doesn't come here and do something negative".

Ahead of United States President Donald Trump visit to the United Kingdom, mass protests and pro-rallies have been planned here to oppose his administration.

He will hold talks with Prime Minister Theresa May at her 16th-century manor house, meet Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle and attend a black-tie dinner at the home of former World War Two leader Winston Churchill - all outside London.

The Trumps will have left town the night before for Scotland, where the President owns two golf properties, Trump Turnberry and Trump Aberdeen.

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