Brock Lesnar, cageside at UFC 226, challenges Daniel Cormier

Not only did Cormier succeed in his historic mission, but he did so in stunning fashion by knocking Miocic out in the first round. From the get-go, it was all-action.

The two started out with a touch of the gloves, and Miocic tried to close the distance.

Daniel Cormier could hardly believe himself.

"Know that those odds, and all that money that they bet on him, it's tied to one outcome", Cormier stated. Cormier followed with a few more punches until Miocic was out cold. Miocic weighed in at 242.5; Cormier weighed in at 246.

But when they're standing and striking, that's where Miocic's size figures to be a factor. DC, however, wanted the clinch and landed a big right hand. He sent Miocic crashing down to the mat with a seismic right hand before finishing him off with precise and violent strikes from the top.

According to Daniel Cormier, true UFC superfights have much in common with cartwheel kicks, flying knee knockouts or inverted rolling triangle chokes.

"I was a heavyweight for a long time, and I left this division", Cormier said. He made his exit with that belt, the heavyweight title and a nailed-on place as an all-time great. "People say that just because two champions are fighting it's a superfight".

As for Miocic, his ability to stop Cormier from taking the fight to the ground will probably be a big indicator on his ability to stifle the light heavyweight champion and force him into a striking battle on the feet. He also kept his pristine record as a heavyweight intact, moving up to 14-0 in the division. The referee jumped on top of Miocic and stopped the fight to prevent any further damage.

Following the UFC 226 PPV, WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar entered the Octagon following Daniel Cormier's UFC Heavyweight Championship win, shoving the new champion to set up their upcoming title clash.

Powell's POV: I was covering the NJPW show, but my buddy Rob in attendance at UFC 226 and said the push came off as being "very WWE style". Miocic is a piece of s--. I think any time you lose to a fighter-I look at my own case, I'm sure I went against some guys pre-USADA that were using, however, I still lost that fight.

It was exactly as lame as you'd expect it to be.

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