Elon Musk's submarine 'not practical' for Thai cave mission, rescue head says

Thai cave rescue live updates Divers extract 8 boys operation resumes

Elon Musk's submarine 'not practical' for Thai cave mission, rescue head says

Apart from the coach, the age ranges given by the doctor indicate that the youngest boy in the group - 11-year-old Chanin Wiboonrungrueng - is still in the cave.

Rescuers are moving ahead quickly because they are afraid monsoon rains will completely flood the caves.

The same process was used Sunday for at least one of the four boys rescued in the first attempt at getting the 12 boys and their coach out of the underground cave complex. Last week, a former Thai navy diver died while preparing for the operation.

"We thank the God of the rain".

'The equipment they brought to help us is not practical with our mission'. No boys would be discharged for at least seven days. "If I ask too much, he might not provide it".

Some divers rescuing the boys trapped in a cave in northern Thailand have traversed about 10 miles (16 km) over the past two days.

"Everyone is in high spirits and are happy to get out", Jesada added.

Their friends were full of optimism - and worry.

Narongsak said that rescuers were resting and replenishing oxygen tanks to store along the treacherous route the remaining boys will take out of the cave.

"Even when my friends have left the cave, I'm anxious about their physical well-being". "Today they are really catching a break from the weather" of the rainy season, Tracy said.

The search and rescue operation has riveted people both in Thailand and internationally, with journalists from across the globe traveling to this town along the border with Myanmar to report on the ordeal.

Witnesses say the boys freed Monday were treated at a make-shift hospital at the site, before being taken to a local hospital.

Rescue leader Narongsak Osatanakorn said at a sudden press conference on Tuesday that the mission began at 10.08 a.m. local time and that everyone in the cave is expected to be rescued today.

Operations to pump water out of the cave went on despite heavy rain showers on Sunday and Monday. More worrying, however, oxygen levels in the cave were falling.

All eight boys rescued so far after spending two weeks trapped in a Thai cave are in good health overall and the first four rescued boys are eating well, Thailand's health ministry permanent secretary said on Tuesday.

A team of more than 30 American military personnel from the US Pacific Command arrive and are joined by three British diving experts who start to probe the cave.

Importantly, as of the time of this writing, eight of the 13 trapped people have already been saved by the heroic actions of rescue divers and support teams. It ended with their fighting cheer, adopted from the U.S. Navy: "Hooyah!"

"Potentially deadly histoplasmosis - a lung infection also known as "cave disease" and "spelunker's lung" caused by breathing in spores from animal waste - is one of several illnesses that medical experts are anxious the 12 boys and their coach could have contracted while trapped deep in the subterranean system". The first and longest mission took 11 hours. The safety of the divers, who have meticulously planned the mission, is also paramount.

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