EPA chief Scott Pruitt resigns

EPA chief Scott Pruitt flees Washington eatery after woman cradling toddler confronts him says he's 'harming' children

Kristin Mink confronts EPA Head Scott Pruitt while dining at Teasim in Washington D.C. on Monday

According to CNN, Pruitt asked Trump to temporarily replace Sessions as the head of the Department of Justice for 210 days under the Vacancies Reform Act, saying that he would run for the office thereafter.

This time, the dubious honor went to Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency head tasked with rolling back numerous regulations established under President Obama.

"This report is simply false. Within the Agency Scott has done an outstanding job, and I will always be thankful to him for this", Trump said.

This latest episode follows on the heels of the harassment or pestering (or worse) of other Trump officials as they tried to enjoy some private time at restaurants with their families and others, including White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) Kirstjen Nielsen. "Like Pruitt, this veteran coal lobby lobbyist has shown only disdain for the EPA's vital mission to protect Americans' health and our environment", said Ana Unruh Cohen, managing director for government affairs at the Natural Resources Defense Council, an advocacy group.

Pruitt's former top policy adviser Samantha Dravis met with the House Oversight Committee last week, and The Washington Post and The New York Times reported that Dravis told congressional investigators that Pruitt asked her to reach the Republican Attorneys General Association about a job for his wife.

Pruitt's work has been a matter of debate for long. For that reason, Wheeler's friends and critics alike say, he could ultimately prove to be more effective than his controversial former boss in implementing President Donald Trump's deregulatory agenda. But he's done a fantastic job running the EPA, which is very overriding.

A spokesman for the EPA's Office of Inspector General told CNN that ongoing or pending reviews of Pruitt will continue, even though he has resigned.

Even conservative commentary Laura Ingraham tweeted this week about how swampy Pruitt is, calling for him to go. Democrats grilled him for allegedly paying $6,100 for a room in a condo owned by Vicki Hart, who is married to J. Steven Hart, an energy lobbyist who represents industries the agency regulates.

The White House did not respond to requests for comment. He also demanded 24-hour-a-day protection from armed officers, resulting in a swollen 20-member security detail that blew through overtime budgets and racked up expenses of more than $3 million.

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