Hurricane Chris intensifies in Atlantic, takes aim at Avalon Peninsula

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Hurricane Chris intensifies in Atlantic, takes aim at Avalon Peninsula

Tropical Storm Chris has spiraled into full hurricane status off the U.S. East Coast.

So in the satellite above, the hole in the middle of the clouds is the center of Tropical Storm Chris, which is about to become a hurricane. As of Tuesday evening, Chris was a Category 1 Hurricane with sustained winds of 85 miles per hour and gusts to 105 miles per hour.

Tropical Storm Chris continues to spin not far off the North Carolina coast and is now centered roughly 200 miles to the south-southeast of Cape Hatteras.

The storm remains in an environment that will continue to gradually strengthen it as it is centered over the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. It could graze Newfoundland later in the week. However, the intensity is being maintained at 60 knots for this advisory due to significant cold upwelling that has occurred beneath the cyclone when Chris was moving slowly during the previous 48 hours. Its winds will likely slow down back to storm status, according to current data from the NHC.

Chris is the second hurricane of the 2018 storm season and it looks like it could become even more unsafe.

There is still "uncertainty" about the possible track it will take and it would be an ex-hurricane by the weekend when it may hit the UK.

Atlantic Ocean beachgoers should be wary of heavy surf and life-threatening rip-currents this week as Hurricane Chris swirls off the U.S. East Coast.

No coastal watches or warnings were in effect. If anything, conditions will worsen in the coming days as rip currents become a significant concern.

Hurricane Hunters will fly over the weather system Wednesday for further assessment.

Met Office spokeswoman Nicola Maxey said Storm Chris "will influence the weather" in the United Kingdom but stopped short of giving an accurate forecast as it is "still developing". "When we hear of waves and sun, people get intrigued and come out to Lawrencetown beach".

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