New Orleans Family Says Goodbye To Son In Unique Way

Body of Renard Matthews is propped in front of TV for memorial

Homicide victim's family stages him playing video game at wake

Matthews' family was understandably shocked by the news of their son's death, but remembered him a fitting way.

KPRC reports Matthews will be buried Tuesday.

At the Charbonnet Labat Glapion Funeral Home in Treme, his family showed the world the things Matthews love the most.

Matthews' body was sat lounged back in a padded swivel chair, and he was dressed in his Boston Celtics vest.

Matthews' family says he loved the Boston Celtics and playing video games. In his hands was a PS4 controller, and a phone on his lap plugged into what appears to be a portable charger.

Food placed on the table next to him included a fizzy cola drink, Doritos and some chocolate cereal, which had been placed on the floor.

According to ABC affiliate WGNO, Matthews was killed two weeks ago, and family members chose to have his body prepared in a way they want to remember him.

Although it's not stated explicitly, he's likely "playing" a version of National Basketball Association 2K based on the above video which included a shot of the television screen.

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