Samsung Phones Are Sending Random Photos to Other People

Users report that Samsung's default texting app, Samsung Messages, has been sending photos on the device to random contacts through MMS/SMS messaging. Users only find out the photos have been sent when they're asked about it. Samsung has said it's now looking into the problem.

Users on Reddit and Samsung's forums have reported that their photos are being sent to random contacts over the Samsung Messages app, and no record of the images being sent is shown.

The reported issue appears to have impacted Galaxy S8 and S9 phones, The Guardian reports.

'Oddly enough, my wife's phone did that last night, and mine did it the night before, ' said Reddit user Sfkn123. Head to the app settings in your Galaxy phone and make sure Samsung Messages can no longer access your storage.

Samsung has acknowledged the issue in a statement released to USA outlets such as The Washington Post: "We are aware of the reports regarding this matter and our technical teams are looking into it".

Affected individuals say their phones have started sending messages to one of their contacts with their full photo gallery. The lack of any evidence on the affected phone may be the scariest part - this could be happening much more than we think because the recipient is someone the involuntary sender doesn't speak to often.

However, a T-Mobile spokesperson told The Verge to 'check in with Samsung on this, it's not a T-Mobile issue'. "However, there was record of it on mobile logs", one Redditor posted less than a week ago.

The Galaxy S9 user said their scheduled messages are being sent "prematurely", scheduled text messages "end up in the WRONG threads", and the Messages app "incorrectly displays scheduled messages as "sent" when, in fact, the other party has not received them".

T-Mobile issued its update for the Google-backed system this week to US Samsung handsets, fueling speculation it was behind the bug.

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