Stormy Daniels arrested after OH strip club patron touches her

Adult film star Stormy Daniels poses and signs autographs at Chi Chi Larue's adult entertainment store

Stormy Daniels arrested after OH strip club patron touches her

Two police detectives and an officer in the club noticed what Daniels was doing and approached the stage. Picture: AAPStormy Daniels pictured performing her routine.

Another detective who was standing back by the bar said he witnessed the "criminal activity". A fourth officer then exited the club to request assistance to make an arrest.

OH law states that "no employee who regularly appears" at a business may "knowingly touch a patron". She was released from the Jackson Pike jail in Columbus on Thursday after posting $6,054 cash bail.

Daniels' arraignment is scheduled for Friday at Ohio's Franklin County Municipal Court. If a dancer violates it, management usually takes care of the matter, she said.

Avenatti said the arrest was a politically-motivated "sting operation". He said his client was "performing the same performance that she has conducted at over a hundred strip clubs around the country". They are devoting law enforcement resources to sting operations for this? "There has to be a better objective for such resources". "I've been in touch with prosecutors this morning".

"I am not going to comment on what transpired after that", Avenatti continued. The charges were reportedly dropped because Daniels is not a regular employee at the strip club. We'll do the same inquiry for the other defendants involved, as well.

A judge has already signed off on the dismissal of charges. A person who answered the phone at the club declined to comment.

Daniels was arrested at a club in Columbus, Ohio while performing an act she has done at almost 100 strip clubs across America, Michael Avenatti wrote on Twitter. It reeks of desperation. He intends to fight the charges.

The charges relate to the law prohibiting dancers from touching customers and customers touching dancers - excluding immediate family members.

According to a report by the Columbus Dispatch last fall, instances of violations of the law are rare, with the local Franklin County Sheriff's Office telling the paper at the time that it had never been cited within their jurisdiction.

USA media tweeted a mugshot of Ms Daniels, purportedly from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office in Columbus.

Columbus police chief Kim Jacobs also said a mistake was made because one legal element needed for the arrest was missed.

Daniels later announced that a follow-up performance at the same club on Thursday - initially cancelled - would go ahead after all.

"I deeply apologise to my fans in Columbus", the statement read. Trump has denied the affair.

Just days before the 2016 election, Cohen paid Daniels $130 000 in exchange for her silence.

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