Cohen Lawyer Admits to Being Source Behind CNN's Trump Tower Report

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Cohen Lawyer Admits to Being Source Behind CNN's Trump Tower Report

Davis then told Anderson Cooper, "I think the reporting of the story got mixed up in the course of a criminal investigation.

Notice they're not charging him for having an illegal meeting with a Russian at Trump Tower because there's nothing illegal about that meeting", Stone told James Miller of The Political Insider. I wasn't at the meeting.

Nevertheless, a A CNN spokesperson told Buzzfeed that "We stand by our story, and are confident in our reporting of it".

"So, Michael Cohen does not have information that President Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians beforehand or even after?" According to BuzzFeed News, Davis was the confirming source for all of that.

With President Trump's consistent focus on "fake news", it's easy to forget that the term was originally popularized by members of the mainstream media attempting to explain away Hillary Clinton's loss by blaming the dissemination of false stories.

FILE - In this May 3, 2018, file photo, attorney Lanny Davis speaks during an interview with The Associated Press in his K Street office in Washington. The CNN story, which cited multiple "sources", claimed Cohen said President Trump knew in advance about the Trump Tower sit-down.

Among them was The Washington Post.

This comes after Davis claimed he and Cohen "were not the source of the story" during the same Buzzfeed interview.

The information in the Post story, which was attributed to one person familiar with discussions among Cohen's friends, came from Davis, who is now acknowledging his role on the record.

"No, he does not", Davis said.

If that is not enough to convince you the story is very fake news, while under oath, Cohen told congress he knew nothing about Trump's foreknowledge of the Trump Tower meeting.

Dershowitz said "it would be great" to have Democrats in power so there could be further investigations. On Sunday, the newspaper published an interview in which Davis backpedaled.

Davis told PBS's "NewsHour" on Wednesday: "I believe that Mr. Cohen has direct knowledge that would be of interest to Mr. Mueller that suggests - I'm not sure it proves - that Mr. Trump was aware of Russian government agents hacking illegally, committing computer crimes, to the detriment of the candidate who he was running against". Lanny Davis, CNN source on background, had a lot to say.

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