Kroger, Trader Joe's, Walgreens hit by health alert issued over parasite risk

Health Alert Issued for Wraps Salads from Walgreens Trader Joe's Due to Cyclospora Concern

Kroger, Trader Joe's, Walgreens hit by health alert issued over parasite risk

This time, a possible parasite contamination in chopped romaine lettuce has triggered a callback of prepared salads and wraps from stores including Trader Joe's, Walgreens, Gordon Food Service and Kroger.

The affected products include the Trader Joe's Tarragon Chicken Salad Wrap, the Trader Giotto's Caesar Salad with Chicken and Trader Ming's Chinese Inspired Salad with Chicken that contain best by dates between July 21 and July 23. They were distributed to Kroger, Trader Joe's and Walgreen's stores.

"FSIS is concerned that some product may be in consumers' refrigerators and that consumers may be at risk due to the length of the cyclospora incubation period", which ranges from two to 14 days, the agency stated. Instead return them to the store of purchase.

The United States Department of Agriculture advised that romaine lettuce in the products might be contaminated with cyclospora, an intestinal illness caused by a microscopic parasite.

The symptoms include diarrhea, stomach cramping, nausea, weight loss, and fatigue.

Caito Foods LLC was the subject of a Food Safety and Inspection Service alert issued Monday that warns consumers of potential Cyclospora contamination.

The infection can cause Cyclosporiasis. A full list of the affected products is available here, and the product labels are available here. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently announced that the McDonald's outbreak was tied to Fresh Express salad mix, which was distributed to McDonald's. "For Cyclospora infections, this could take up to six weeks".

Last month, Chicago-based McDonald's temporarily stopped selling salads at 3,000 restaurants in 14 states, mostly in the Midwest, after a cyclospora outbreak sickened hundreds of customers, including 228 reported cases in IL alone, according to the state's Department of Public Health.

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