Meghan has to undergo a royal 'test' this summer and we're confused

Meghan Markle and the Queen get on well

Meghan Markle and the Queen get on well

Twitter users were quick to note issues with her wedding outfit though - namely, the overall dark color palette and the fact that her black lace bra made a peekaboo appearance when the top button of her dress came undone.

When she realized she was showing too much, she used her hand to cover her chest.

The Duchess of Sussex has slipped into her royal role easily, but there's one "first" she is yet to experience - becoming a patron to her chosen charities.

So when Meghan Markle began donning her designs - like her stunning CA$100,000 halter-neck reception gown - it made ideal sense.

According to official royal guidelines, "The fundamental principle governing the acceptance of gifts by Members of The Royal Family is that no gifts, including hospitality or services, should be accepted which would, or might appear to, place the Member of The Royal Family under any obligation to the donor". "Show executives and NBC had offered Harry and her an invitation to celebrate with the biggest stars around, meet her showbiz friends and even present an honor".

Suits has never been nominated for an Emmy, and Markle was ultimately left off the ballot this year. Instead, she just sees things as a new change in her life. "He was thanking me for making her look like herself".

'Royal rota journalists are being kept further away from [Meghan] than we were before the wedding, ' he wrote in a series of tweets.

"An invitation to Balmoral, where the Queen is expected to remain until September, is traditionally part of the initiation into the Royal family".

In another bid to keep their personal life private, Meghan and Harry are reported to be spending more time out of London.

Princess Diana spent summers at Balmoral with Prince Charles and her kids, Prince William and Prince Harry.

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