Premier Ford expected to announce 'buck and beer' in the County

Premier Ford expected to announce 'buck and beer' in the County

Premier Ford expected to announce 'buck and beer' in the County

McIsaac added that, ultimately, lowering the minimum price of beer from $1.25 to $1 is pretty inconsequential.

"We're going to do this smartly and responsibly", said Ford.

What exactly is buck-a-beer?

Napanee Beer Company tweeted that it won't participate in this: "There are a lot of things that our province needs", they said, "but "buck a beer" isn't one of them".

Beer fans across Ontario can officially start counting down the days until the return of "Buck-a-Beer", the popular $1-per-beer price floor that delighted people across Ontario until it was cancelled when the previous government abruptly introduced new beer price regulations.

Beer aficionados are excited to see which craft breweries take up the challenge to produce a beer for sale for just a buck.

"I want people to have a fair price but you can't keep raising the taxes provincially and federally on our product", Ladell said.

"Under Ford's plan, brewers won't be required to charge less but they will be given incentives like prime spots in LCBO stores".

The Progressive Conservative plan will lower the minimum price of a bottle or can of beer with an alcohol volume below 5.6 per cent to $1 from $1.25 starting August 27 - a few days before the Labour Day weekend.

"You couldn't be more tone deaf on this subject", Portelance wrote. Before 2008, "buck-a-beer" did exist, until the Liberal government boosted the price of a 24-pack of beer from $24 to $25.60. And he doubts many other brewers will take the premier's bait. The price floor will affect beer that contains an alcohol percentage below 5.6%.

Ford said that throughout the year, brewers who do drop their prices will be eligible for limited time discounts, ads in LCBO flyers and in-store promotions such as end-of-aisle features or extended shelves.

Even a brand like Laker, which once prided itself on its $1-a-bottle price point, is retailing at $1.95 for a 473 ml can. "High taxes are hurting brewers and beer drinkers", the statement read.

Beer snobs don't seem ready to think outside of the bottle.

Finance Minister Vic Fedeli said there are no financial incentives from the government and the tax portion of the cost of beer is not being reduced.

Breweries in the province have also been outspoken against the challenge.

A number of other breweries, including Great Lakes Brewery, Muskoka Brewery and The Napanee Beer Co., voiced frustration with the initiative and vowed that they wouldn't participate.

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