Apple CEO's Defense Of iPhone Pricing Raises Questions

Apple CEO Tim Cook defends pricing of new iPhones says it's worth the money

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A bright spot in an otherwise low-key upgrade is the dual SIM support, a feature that the company's much-touted iPhone X did not have. "Rather than using two cells to fill this L-shaped recess, Apple has constructed an all-new single-cell battery".

The iPhone XS 64GB (yes, it does have the water resistant feature to prevent poolside disaster this summer, as well as the new formulation glass to prevent screen cracking) will go for R21 899.

Apple's massive September summit, where they reveal their big new releases, is only half the fun.

The iPhone XS Max costs up to S$2,349 in Singapore.

iPhone XR will not have 3D touch but it does get 120Hz touch responsiveness, True-Tone and tap-to-wake on an LCD. We take a look at the new trio of iPhones, the "Budget" iPhone XR, the iPhone XS which is the S variant of last year's iPhone X and the iPhone XS Max which is the biggest ever iPhone. Apple has also included eSIMs, a technology now in Apple watches and cellular iPads.

It is, however, too early to draw conclusions when it comes to the iPhone XS' sales: with the iPhone X, sales gradually increased, and the device that celebrated the 10th anniversary of the iconic gadget led Apple's financials in its usually-tepid fiscal third quarter, which ended in June. He added that he had already placed a pre-order for two iPhone XS Max line but he made a decision to queue up to get more units to make a profit.

"I'll never let it (his iPhone) go", he said.

As for battery capacity, the listings reveal that the iPhone XS has a 2,658mAh pack which is slightly smaller than the 2,716mAh battery found in the iPhone X. The newer iPhone XS boasts 30 more minutes of battery life according to Apple.

At the launch of the iPhone XS alongside the new Apple Watch at Apple's headquarters in California on September 12, Apple's chief design officer Jony Ive said the new phones are the company's "uncompromised vision for the future." .

You can buy an iPhone X, which is 95 percent as good as the new XS.

A new Pixel phone from Google is expected to arrive October 9 that might make Apple people jealous.

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