Apple No Longer Bundles 3.5mm Audio Dongle With New iPhones

As you might expect, we have all of the details below, including device specifications, the price of each model, and expected release date for the hardware. It makes sense that Apple is now ditching the 6, as the firm typically limits its lineup to the three most recent generations.

Display comes in at 5.8-inch for the iPhone XS, and 6.5-inch for the iPhone XS Max, with a resolution of 2436×1125 on the XS and 2688×1242 on the XS Max.

Eliminating the headphone jack is also a noteworthy move.

You have probably been watching Apple's event with great interest and heard all about the new devices announced for release in the coming weeks.

The iPhone 7 now starts at £449/$449, and the 7 Plus at £569/$569. However, it's always worth having a recap of the specification of the devices in order to see which one best suits your requirements, both now and in the next 12-18 months.

Apple iPhone X Apple's iPhone X now starts at Rs 91,900 for the base model with 64GB.

It may be the least sensational of Apple's three new iPhones for 2018 when you scrutinize the specs, but the iPhone XR (pronounced "ten-R") is absolutely the most interesting - and that has nothing to do with its comparatively cheaper price.

However, avoiding Apple's requisite dongle, which enables users to plug 3.5mm headphones into the Lightning connector, is now impossible.

When your phone arrives with us, we'll issue a check that you'll receive in around a week.

So the news that Apple is no longer giving a free one to customers with new phones will not be received too well, as it means that you will have to buy one of these, on top of an extremely expensive phone, and a pricy pair of headphones too. Apple, due to its time to market, got the first batch. Case in point, US Mobile's sweet introductory iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR discount.

Apple iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus 64GB is now available at a new price of Rs 69,900 as compared to its previous price tag of Rs 77,560. iPhone 8 Plus with 256GB in-built storage will now retail at Rs 84,900.

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