European Union will scrap biannual clock changes, says Juncker

The European Commission has declared there are still

The European Commission has declared there are still"profound disagreements in trade policy

"The European Union is nearly as bad as China, just smaller", Bloomberg also quoted Trump as saying.

Some 84 percent of respondents in that online vote said they want to abolish the clock changes that fluctuate between daylight saving and standard time.

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is backing calls to ditch the twice-yearly changes to the time following a citizens' consultation.

"The changing of the clocks will be scrapped", Juncker told German news channel ZDF, adding that the idea would be to keep the whole of Europe on "summer time" all year-round.

At the moment, each European Union member state puts clocks forward one hour on the last Sunday of March and back again on the last Sunday in October.

If the United Kingdom was to remain on daylight saving time and Ireland was to switch to year-long standard time, it could pose yet more problems for the Irish border.

The European Union shared USA criticism of China over industry subsidies, state intervention and forced technology transfers, but believed its approach was wrong, she said.

If Washington violated the deal and imposed auto tariffs, he said, "then we will also do that".

'RoSPA campaigns for Single/Double Summer Time, which would see daylight savings retained but the adoption of GMT+2 in the summer and GMT+1 in the winter, giving us more usable daylight year.

Although there does now seem to be a strengthening push for the system's abolition in the European Union, it is not yet clear whether the bloc's countries would opt for the clock settings now associated with summer or winter.

The practice was reinforced during World War II and during the energy crisis in the 1970s. The move to a permanent time would require approval by the European Parliament and by each country's government.

What effects might abolishing it have on Europeans?

The European Parliament and EU member states would still need to approve the abolishment of the time change and could still impose further changes to the time system.

According to a 2017 study, with 185,000 subjects, diagnoses of depression during the transition from summer to winter time increase by 11 percent.

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