Flake defends call for Kavanaugh delay: 'We're coming apart at the seams'

He'd do so, Flake said, if the vote was delayed a week so the FBI could investigate "credible allegations" against the nominee.

A United States official with knowledge of the matter said the FBI could complete an investigation within a week, but the timeline ultimately depends on what is involved, such as the number of interviews that need to be done and whether newly uncovered information needs to be followed up on.

What is the FBI's role?

He has denied her allegation and accusations of sexual misconduct made by two other women. Donnelly, like many other Democratic lawmakers, called for the FBI to investigate the allegations. The information would then be added to the nominee's background file, which is available to senators.

In what has become the year of the woman in national politics, there are no easy answers for a party aligned with a president who has dismissed more than a dozen allegations of sexual misconduct of his own.

Flake said he didn't expect the FBI investigation to change many Democratic votes.

It shows that alleged witnesses remain unable to corroborate any of Ford's accusations, despite the exhausting coverage of the accusations and this week's hearing.

The new Federal Bureau of Investigation probe will likely include interviewing accusers and witnesses that the committee had refused to hear.

"We have different branches of government", LePage said. The local offices will generally assign as many staff as necessary to pursue those leads. The investigation into sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh came at the request of Arizona Republican Sen.

"The allegations against Judge Kavanaugh are serious enough to warrant a full investigation", Caron said.

In a separate statement simultaneously released by the White House, Kavanaugh said he will continue to cooperate with further investigation.

Leland Keyser-whose maiden name is Leland Ingham-sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee through her attorney, Shannon Bream from Fox News Channel said in a tweet. The final vote to confirm Kavanaugh would come after the investigation.

Can an investigation be done in a week?

Trump said Murkowski and Collins must do what they think is right.

The FBI can not force someone to talk to them as part of the process.

President Donald Trump has ordered the FBI to look into "credible" allegations against his Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh, but the bureau has one week to complete the task. "Remember, they're not reaching a decision or recommendation". She has no recollection of such a party, she said.

"A lot of people who have not been through this - thank God they have not been through this - don't understand that a lot of us don't immediately go to law enforcement, " McSally said. "I've heard from a lot of people by phone, email, text, walking around the Capitol. So they will be looking at all those things, but they will be doing it with an objective eye". "Even if Brett Kavanaugh is innocent, he is still going to live with this the rest of his life".

After a dramatic day-long hearing at which a university professor accused Kavanaugh of pinning her down and assaulting her at a party in the 1980s, the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier Friday approved his nomination in a preliminary vote along party lines.

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